Growth Groups - Fall 2020

As we are all very well aware, being a church has gotten more complicated. The hazards of Covid-19, the limitations of social distancing, and the shakeup of our communal practices have changed things. While we feel the loss brought on by these past months we are determined to move forward and stay on mission!
This past August the Growth Team of MCC met, discussed, surveyed, planned, and prayed. The result of that work you will find below. MCC will be offering several ways for you to connect, explore, and grow. Here are some things we things you should be aware of – 

Some Group Offerings Will Be Online Only

We understand and we bless those who only feel comfortable connecting at a distance. Several of our groups will meet only via zoom. These meetings will be warm and welcoming, they won’t feel like another meeting for work! In fact, we think they will bring some depth and meaning to your walk with Christ.

Some Groups Will Be In Person While Observing Safe Social Distancing Guidelines

From the onset of Covid-19 MCC has taken the position of honoring our governmental leaders and following current guidelines. We think this is not only being good citizens but also shows good faith. As we all know, these guidelines are subject to change as the course of the pandemic changes. Right now, outdoor gatherings at distance are considered low risk and indoor gatherings of 10 or less are allowed with safe practices.

Most Groups Are Designed To Meet Every Other Week for 12 Weeks Starting Later In September

We have planned that each group meet six times over 12 weeks starting in late September. The Book Group led by Dave & Sharon Wiersum will meet less frequently.

We encourage all of you to find a way to connect this fall!

Someone needs you, your ear, your insight, your smile (on screen or behind that mask). And you need others, we all need some encouragement, support, and love. Join us this fall!

MCC Growth Groups Fall 2020 Line Up

Below you will find a listing for each group and a brief description of content and focus. Please sign up for the group that interests you by clicking on the sign up here line. Some groups will have a schedule already set. Others will not. For those that do not list a set schedule, the Facilitator will find the best time for the group members.


Book Study on Race & The Church

In this time of heightened awareness of racial issues in society, it is useful for the church to consider both how it has contributed to past racial inequities and what it can do differently going forward. This group will be an opportunity to consider such topics. We will read and discuss a book on race and the church. Expect to do about an hour of reading in preparation for each meeting. This group will begin face to face in an outdoor/backyard setting and move to zoom as the weather dictates

led by Bob Ritzema and Hanna Suchecki

 Outdoors/via Zoom

Meeting time to be determined by the group

Book Study Focused on Spiritual Growth

This book study will meet a little less frequently that the other groups, three times, after an initial organizational meeting. The Group will choose from a short list of recommended books.

 led by Dave & Sharon Wiersum

via Zoom

Meeting time to be determined by the group.


Spiritual Practices for Weary Times

This online-only group will meet six times over twelve weeks to explore various spiritual practices and spiritual disciplines to help us draw near to God and find rest during these uneasy times. Using resources from across church history, at each gathering we will introduce a new spiritual practice, commit to practicing during our time apart, and then spend part of our time when we gather again discussing how we experienced God's presence through the practice. Because of the nature of the topic, modest discussion preparation and a commitment to the practices is necessary.

 led by Derek Atkins

via Zoom

Meeting time to be determined by the group.


The Marriage Course

The Marriage Course is designed to help couples invest in their relationship and build a strong marriage. Creative short films, global stories, and expert insights are a mainstay of the experience. The Marriage Course provides space for couples to have private, intimate conversations to help grow their marriage. This Group requires a slightly different schedule and will meet weekly for seven weeks. At no time are couples asked to share private details.

hosted by Cate & Sid Jansma Jr.

 via Zoom

The Marriage Course has begun meeting and signups are now closed.

Outdoor Gatherings

The Outdoor Gatherings group will be just that, gathering outside for a selected activity (walk, bike ride, relaxing at a local park).  This group will meet weather permitting. Activities will be planned, and participants will be notified in advance.

led by Daniel Joo


Meeting time, place, and activity to be determined by the group.


Micro Church

Micro Church is an in-person group led by a host at their home. We envision these groups in a variety of ways, a backyard BBQ, gathering around a fire pit, meeting in a park, gathering in someone’s great room. These groups will observe safe social distancing, be focused on relationships, and include a time of prayer. Groups will be limited to 10 (as per current guidelines).

 led by various hosts

Use the signup Form to let us know if you're willing to host.

Meeting time and place to be determined by the group.