Practicing the Way of Jesus – Sabbath

Monroe Community ChurchEngage, Practicing the Way of Jesus

Pastor Katherine suggested that being able to engage in Sabbath rest depends on trusting that God is in charge. Do you have difficulty having such trust? What would help you trust him with the concerns that interfere with rest?

Pastor Katherine described the practice of Sabbath as spending time with God, having fun, and resting. If you haven’t done so yet, reflect on each of these using the following questions from the handout she distributed:

a. How do you worship best? What practices help you to know God’s love for you? When do you feel most connected to God?

b. What brings you delight? What people or activities leave you refreshed? Who could you spend time with? What hobbies could you participate in?

c. What gives you rest? And what type of rest do you need most? Perhaps it’s physical rest, or mental rest, or emotional rest. How could you get whatever type of rest you need most? What do you need to stop doing in order to rest?