Reflections: Why the Holy Spirit?

Monroe Community ChurchEngage, In Step with the Spirit

Anthony taught that a relationship with the Holy Spirit has been something planned from the beginning, not a change in God’s plan or story. How is this similar or different to your understanding of the story of the Holy Spirit in our lives?

Anthony highlighted that Scripture teaches us that just as the Spirit of God was present in the Garden of Eden, inhabited the Tabernacle and Temple, and then dwelled with Jesus, the Spirit is now given, in full, to us. What are some of the obstacles/fears you have when you think about inviting more of the Holy Spirit into your life? What hopes stir in you as you consider a life with more of the Holy Spirit?

We were invited at the end of the teaching to bask in the presence and understanding that the Holy Spirit is wanting to Dwell with us. We were invited to wait and listen to what the Holy Spirit is doing in our lives. This week we invite you to try these practices:

– Each morning, before you look at your phone, you take 2 minutes to breathe in deeply and say, “Come, Holy Spirit,” and then pause to receive from him — a feeling of peace, a prophetic word, a passage of Scripture, or simply the gift of quiet.

– It could also look like posturing yourself in scheduled moments throughout your day to notice where the Spirit is moving, working, and speaking in and around you.

– You could end your day by celebrating the ways in which you saw the Spirit work and inviting him to reveal to you the ways he was working that you didn’t notice.

Whatever it ends up being, take time to be with the Holy Spirit and begin to invite him into more of your life.