Tamara Kostianovsky

mreedArtPrize 2018

Sunday, September 16, 10:30am Tamara will be with us to converse about her ArtPrize piece.

“Nature Made Flesh”

These new works imagine what the body of the Earth would look like if it had anthropomorphic qualities. Transposing my interest in the torn body to the environment, the sculptures present severed tree stumps of different forms and sizes revealing an interior palette indicative of the insides of the body. Made with discarded clothing and other discarded textiles, the series proposes an alternative way of thinking about our post-industrial relationship to nature. The project is made from articles of clothing that belonged to my late father and is concerned with regeneration – the passing of time, feelings of loss, and the final integration of the body to the landscape are some of the topics addressed by the work.

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