The Last Week: At the Table with Jesus

Monroe Community ChurchEngage, The Last Week

The last week - sermon series at Monroe Community Church

Looking at what Jesus said and did during three meals, Pastor Jim described Jesus’ approach to the table in three ways: as a hospital where people get healed, as a bank where debts get cancelled, and as the church, a place for meeting Jesus. Which of these have you encountered? Which would you like to experience more fully?

What is your reaction to the idea of the Lord’s Supper as a time when we try to grab the love and forgiveness of the table and drag it into the present? How could that idea change your way of participating in the table?

Pastor Jim encouraged us to frequently share meals with others from the church and with those who need Christ’s saving grace. Is the idea of regularly sharing meals appealing to you? What are some ways you could make that happen in your life?