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This Sunday: May 26, 2024 • Pentecost

The Holy Spirit

Continuing our series on "The Holy Spirit," this week's sermon by Pastor Jim, titled "The Voice of the Spirit," looks at the profound ways the Holy Spirit communicates with us. We will explore how the Spirit empowers, guides, and transforms our lives, emphasizing the importance of discerning and responding to the Spirit's voice. Join us as we seek to cultivate a closer relationship with the Spirit, inviting God's presence and power into every aspect of our daily walk. This sermon will inspire and equip us to listen attentively and follow faithfully.

Sundays, 10:30 a.m. @ Monroe Community Church, 1020 Monroe Ave NW GR MI 49503

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Love God. Love People. Love the City.

That is our to-do list at MCC. This is why we are here. We recognize this is easier said than done, especially since we are a community of broken people who need grace every day.
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Pray for the World

This year at MCC, we want to continue our Mission of Love God, Love People, & Love the City. We also recognize the need to look beyond our context in order to help better shape our local mission in the Kingdom of God. In order to orient our hearts and lives around our mission this year, you are invited to join MCC Staff in praying for the world each week.

We invite you to pray for a few listed countries each week: For their governments, leaders, economies, and church. 193 countries and 2 observing governing states will be prayed for over the course of 52 weeks. Each week the MCC announcements will have 3-4 countries for you to pray for, in no particular order.

To ground your prayer in the context of the nation, we suggest a starting point of referencing the world factbook here.

This week we invite you to pray for:


Small Groups

Small Groups provide an opportunity for us to gather during the week, around a table, and be the people of Jesus in our neighborhoods. These groups allow us to build deeper relationships with each other, and to live out our faith in meaningful ways throughout the week. They are a vital part of our church community and a way for us to connect with others and feel a sense of belonging and support.
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