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Sometimes prayer can’t wait. If now is one of those times please tell us how we can pray for you. All submissions are treated confidentially. Use this online prayer form

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MCC values creativity and expression, which is one way that people bear God’s image as mini-creators. We love to feature the work of artists, from professional to children, not in a gallery, but surrounding our congregation as part of the worship experience. This emphasis helps us reinforce our mission to Love God • Love People • Love the City

This Sunday:


This week, we invite you to continue in our series on the Holy Spirit with “Praying in the Spirit”.

What kinds of things make it hard to pray? For some it’s: Distraction, Guilt, or Disappointment.

Of course, we are just scratching the surface; establishing and maintaining even a basic prayer life is a tall task. We need help when it comes to prayer. This Sunday, we are going to talk about what the New Testament calls praying in the Spirit, by looking at three Stories from Ephesians 6:18, Jude 1:20, and Romans 8:26

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