We believe that worship comes in all shapes and sizes.
At MCC, we prioritize creating an atmosphere of hospitality, where everyone is welcome to come as they are, and feel safe to be themselves. Our gospel-centered approach is evident in our opening time of singing, where we present the gospel every week through songs that recognize God’s goodness and greatness, call us into humble confession, and remind us that Jesus saves.
Prayer is a vital part of our worship, as we believe it is a dialogue with our Triune God. Additionally, we place a strong emphasis on the Bible and its teachings, which are reflected in every service through a time of reading and reflection on a Bible passage.
We gather at the Lord's Table every week, where we encounter Jesus, who is present with us by the mystery of the Holy Spirit.
Finally, we aim to infuse our worship with a spirit of joy, which is a natural outpouring of the Good News of Jesus Christ. We hope that you will join us and experience the joy and warmth of our worship culture.
This Sunday: June 23, 2024


This week we continue our sermon series in Ephesians. We invite you to read the letter in its entirety as we explore Chapter 1:15-23. We will discuss how "rich" we are in Christ (Paul uses images for wealth repeatedly in chapter 1 of Ephesians). In Christ, sinners become saints (rich in grace), in Christ we have a "glorious inheritance" (rich in hope), and in Christ God has "incomparably great power" for us (rich in life).

Sundays, 10:30 a.m. @ Monroe Community Church, 1020 Monroe Ave NW GR MI 49503

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