Children's Ministry

At MCC, we celebrate the unique image of God in each child! We treasure the opportunity to grow alongside them, embracing their curiosity and honoring their contributions to our community.
When you arrive, please ask a member of our welcoming team to show you around our Children’s Ministry area and introduce you to our awesome volunteers! Children’s Ministry volunteers can be identified by their name tag on an orange lanyard. Children our checked in each week to help ensure safety and accountability during their time at MCC.


Newborn - 3 yr
Drop off the littles for playtime with our skilled caregivers while you get the chance for some God-and-me-time. You will be asked to fill out a registration form (first time only) and your child will be assigned a number tag that you will need to return when you pick up your child at the end of the service.
Side note: Please help us keep germs from spreading by letting your child rest at home if there is any indication that he or she may be unwell. Thanks for your help in keeping our nursery a safe and healthy environment!

Kid's Connect

3 yr - Grade 2
After our morning songs, the kids are invited forward to join the pastor for a blessing and a prayer. Then they head downstairs to their classroom (just past the nursery) for games, crafts (no glitter, we promise!) and a lesson from the Jesus Storybook Bible which helps them learn how every story points to Jesus and his “never-giving-up, always-and-forever love” for them!
People of all ages who love Jesus as their Savior and Lord are welcome to participate in Communion at MCC so you may pick up your children from the classroom if you choose to have them join you; otherwise please pick them up at the end of the service.

Bible Bistro

Grades 3 - 8
Kids in grades 3 - 8 stay with their families for most of the service, then head to the youth room (downstairs and to the left) after taking Communion to share insights & questions about the message. Our Bible Bistro mentors guide the conversation to help them come to a deeper understanding of the unconditional love and grace of God.