Facilities Use and Rentals

Monroe Community Church (MCC) is happy and honored to share the blessings of our facilities with our families and other community groups.
The facility (worship center and lobby/gallery/kitchenette/play area) may be reserved by both MCC families and outside groups. Classrooms (also leased for a licensed daycare) are not reservable for childcare, except one can be included for use by adults in a wedding party. Reservations must be approved through the use of this form by a staff member who checks with the Building Usage Calendar and enters the event there prior to confirmation. This process may take up to fourteen (14) days. MCC Ministry activities take precedence; afterwards reservations will be treated on a first-come, first-served basis.
Our office/board room has a table for up to 10 people, Available for presentations: dry erase board, a permanent marker board, and a rolling marker board. A Tech cart with TV, DVD player, HDMI cable, and power can be pushed into this space for presentations.
Our multi-purpose lobby (typically decorated with artwork) is affectionately called the “Gallery” and has café seating already set up for about 40 people at high top tables, group tables, and café tables, which can be pushed together to form larger groupings. (6) 6’ round tables are also available if more seating is required. There is an adjacent coffee kitchen with a long serving counter with high amperage outlets for crock-pots and roasting ovens. A half-walled, cushioned play area for kids is adjacent to the Gallery; children must be supervised by an adult. A Tech cart can be pushed into this space for presentations.
Our worship center can seat 250 people, has a 28’ wide x 16’ deep stage with ramp access, two projection screens, and full multi-media, technology, and Live Streaming services. It can be closed off or open to the Gallery. Renting the worship center assumes you are also renting the multi-purpose lobby above, since you need to go through the latter to get to the former.