Out of all the churches in Grand Rapids that have participated in the ArtPrize festival over the past 13 years, Monroe Community Church is one of just two that have consistently showcased art exhibits. MCC values creativity and expression, which is one way that people bear God’s image as mini-creators, and we love to participate as a venue in Grand Rapids' ArtPrize festival each year. We were delighted that The Ministry Center of Monroe Community Church was awarded as the top venue for the 2022 ArtPrize festival in Grand Rapids.
In addition to hosting numerous art pieces during ArtPrize, we also hold space in our worship services to get to know some of our artists and how their art connects to faith. Read below for a description of some of the artists who participated in our 2022 Meet the (a)Artist Sermon series.

We are so excited to have had artists from ArtPrize join us here at MCC during our 2022 Meet the (a)Artist ArtPrize Sermon Series. Click below to learn about some of these entries from this past year.