Prayer at MCC

MCC is a community committed to prayer. We are a people dedicated to praying, to growing in prayer, to loving God and loving people though prayer. We don’t believe prayer is magic, we don’t teach that a few special words said in a particular way automatically gets results. Neither do we believe prayer is a substitute for action.

We do believe that God meets people in prayer, that the Father listens to our words and to our hearts, and that he gives his grace and Holy Spirit to those who pray.

We believe there is real power in prayer and that it changes our lives.

  • Do You Need Prayer?

    Sometimes prayer can’t wait. If now is one of those times please tell us how we can pray for you. All submissions are treated confidentially. Use this online prayer form

  • Weekly Prayer Meeting

    Weekly Prayer Meeting via Zoom Every Wednesday at 7pm we gather on zoom to pray for 30 minutes. These prayer times are simple, honest and uplifting. No one needs to pray out loud, you can just come and soak in God's presence and hear the prayers of others and see what the Spirit is doing in our church. If you need prayer, it's a good time to receive that in a group setting. Join via Zoom - Wednesdays at 7 pm

Children's Ministry

At MCC, we celebrate the unique image of God in every child; each is a work of art by the original Artist! We treasure the opportunity to grow alongside them, embracing their curiosity and honoring their contributions to our community. Our goal is for every child to grow up knowing that they are loved -- deeply and unconditionally -- by God.

  • Nursery

    Newborn - 3 yr - We offer an engaging, positive setting for infants and toddlers in a spacious room with books, rhythm instruments, a play kitchen, a slide, and lots of toys! Cared for by our skilled nursery volunteers, your kids will have tons of fun!

  • MCC KidsConnect

    3 yr - Grade 2 - We use the Jesus Storybook Bible in our lessons with this group to highlight the pervasive love that God demonstrated through the life and redeeming work of Jesus Christ. Games, activities and crafts are chosen by our teachers as tangible illustrations for each week’s story. Our prayer time is very special, as the children come to understand how listening and communication strengthens their relationship with their Heavenly Father.

  • Bible Bistro

    Grades 3 - 8 - Kids at this age are coming to a greater understanding of who they are and how they relate to the world around them. Our Bible Bistro mentors spend more time listening and asking questions than answering them, helping the kids realize the relevance of that day’s message to their lives.

Youth Ministry

Our world is fast-paced, ever changing, beautifully diverse, and sometimes tragically broken.  We consider it a tremendous privilege to come alongside our Middle School and High School aged students in this world and walk with them on their journey of life and faith.

At MCC we hear students asking great questions. Questions like who am I? Who am I to others? Who am I to God?

At MCC we see students wanting justice, seeking to serve others, as well as looking for the experience of real friendship and community.  Our commitment in Student Ministry is to help our students thrive in every way.

  • Missional

    We intentionally reach out to all our students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Every student is invited to encounter Jesus, to hear his message, and to experience his grace. We don’t pressure, we don’t push, but we do keep the Gospel front and center.

  • Formational

    Faith is a journey and we desire that our students find what they need in order to grow as followers of Jesus. We recognize this is different from student to student. Some students are shaped by study, others through experiential activities, and still others through mentoring and small group encounters. We will be attentive to the particular needs of our students and work to help each one become more like Jesus.

  • Relational

    We know relational is a bit of a buzzword but we still like it. We like it because to us relational means personal, real, connected, authentically human. We were created for relationship, relationship with the Triune God and relationship with one another. Student Ministry at MCC always seeks to build healthy community for all.

Adults Ministry

Life is busy. We have crowded calendars, overflowing inboxes, things to do and people to see. Somewhere in the traffic jam of everyday life we need to find God, we need to connect personally with God’s life-giving grace. At MCC Adult Ministry seeks to help busy people live in a refreshing, renewing, vital relationship with the Triune God. By blending community building, faith nurture, and service, we hope to create life giving experiences for those who participate in Adult Ministry. Check out the list below for what we have going on.

  • Young Adults

    MCC is home to a growing number of young adults who have a vision for being together and growing together. Contact us to find out about getting more involved. Contact us HERE

  • Small Groups

    At MCC we desire to be a community during the week as well as on Sundays. This happens through formation of small groups and intentionally gathering together.
    The MCC small groups will then read through The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, by John Mark Comer. This book has been intentionally chosen for all groups, to establish a common language and focus as an MCC family. The theme of the book is how to slow down and intentionally be with Jesus amidst the hustle and hurry of our lives Learn more

  • Crucial Conversations

    Crucial Conversations provides a safe and respectful setting to discuss some of the hotter topics of the day. In the past we've discussed politics & faith, the Church & immigration, mental health, racial reconciliation, and much more. Check back again soon as more dates are set for Crucial Conversations.


The beautiful thing about worship is that there are all kinds of ways to do it. So how does MCC Worship? We think the following words are helpful in describing our worship culture.

  • Hospitable

    From the moment you walk in the door for worship at MCC we want you to feel welcome, safe, free to be yourself. There is no dress code at MCC, come as you are, everyone else does. We like to chat before worship but sitting quietly is just fine as well. We think an atmosphere of warm hospitality reflects the heart of God and is a great way to start worship.

  • Gospel Centered

    After a welcome and perhaps an announcement or two we sing! Our Worship Team is great at drawing us into seeking God’s face together. If you listen closely you will notice that our opening time of singing presents the gospel each week. Expect songs that recognize God’s goodness and greatness, call us into humble confession, and remind us that Jesus saves!

  • Prayerful

    We believe worship is a dialogue, a holy, mysterious, conversation with our Triune God. Prayer is one of the ways we speak to God in worship. We also extend the opportunity for worshippers to come forward and receive prayer following each worship service.

  • Biblical

    One of the ways God speaks to us in worship is through the Bible. We are routinely amazed and empowered by what we read in the Bible. Almost every service includes a time of reading and reflection on a Bible passage.

  • Sacramental

    At MCC we gather at the Lord’s Table every week. We are broken people in need of grace. We believe that somehow by the mystery of the Holy Spirit, Christ is present with us in worship and at his table. This is why we come to church, to encounter Jesus.

  • Joyful

    We hope there is a tangible spirit of joy in worship at MCC. After all, it is the Good News of the Jesus that brings us together!

There is a place for you in worship at MCC.


  • Creation Care

    A Creation Care Team brings the MCC community opportunities for acting on our love for our one God-given home. In our building and at our gatherings we aspire to zero-waste with recycling and composting. With a new building in our future, we’re planning for maximum energy efficiency, including renewable sources. We host events to educate ourselves and the community on climate change, species and habitat loss, pollution, and the practical steps we can take to restore our beautiful, suffering planet.

  • Support for Local Organizations • Love the City

    Love the City: The MCC refugee resettlement team works with a family consisting of a husband, wife, and their 4 children, ages 10, 9, 8, and 4. They are part of a much larger resettlement effort in West Michigan. Bethany Christian Services, with whom we partner, expected to resettle 257 individuals (46 families) from Afghanistan; nearly all have arrived. If you would like to help the MCC team, contact Bob Ritzema or Jenna Lewis

  • Global Justice

    World Renew is the development, relief and disaster response, and justice arm of the Christian Reformed Church. Compelled by God’s deep passion for justice & mercy, it joins communities around the world to renew hope, reconcile lives, and restore creation. Many MCC members recently participated in a World Renew sponsored study to help people live justly in such areas of life as generosity, consumption, and relationships. To learn more about the study and about opportunities to donate or volunteer, consult the World Renew website.

  • Crucial Conversations

    Opportunities to discuss important issues of our time with church members and members of the community. Held regularly in the summer and occasionally through the rest of the year. Recent topics have included affordable housing, LGBTQI+ and the church, the environment, and race.

  • Statement on Racism

    We desire to be re-formed in the area of race so that our hearts will be more like Christ’s. Recently, our Justice team and Vision team released this statement on racism . We encourage you to read it as we as a church seek to live in accordance with our mission statement to Love God, Love People, Love the City.