MCC Celebrates The Arts

Since Monroe Community Church first configured its warehouse to display artwork in 2009, it has not been without some sort of creative exhibit. MCC values creativity and expression, which is one way that people bear God’s image as mini-creators. We love to feature the work of artists, from professional to children, not in a gallery, but surrounding our congregation as part of the worship experience. This emphasis helps us reinforce our mission to “connect our downtown community to our life-changing God.”


Current Show

MCC is featuring the photography of Ricardo Tavarez, pastor of EnVivo Church and director of New City Neighbors, a ministry that teaches and mentors urban kids through gardening and farm-to-table cooking.

This show will be up through February 17, 2023. There will be Third Thursday artist reception on February 16, 2023, 5pm - 9pm.

Home is a Garden

I have the privilege of working for New City Neighbors, a youth development non-profit that has an urban farming program. Early this year New City Neighbors had an excess of leftover vegetable plant starts from its Spring Garden Sale. I mentioned this to a friend and resident of Dwelling Place, Daniel Paul Drent, who immediately encouraged me to bring the plants to the community garden behind the old Herkimer Hotel. I couldn’t have imagined the beauty of the garden space, nor the joy of the residents when I arrived with the plants. I was truly touched by what I experienced.

As summer approached, I decided to apply for the short-term Artist-In-Residence position with Dwelling Place. My initial interest was exploring the idea of “home” with residents and creating artwork to reflect that concept. Looking for a place to connect with residents, I was drawn to a place where I often find life and connection with fellow humans – a garden. Again, I couldn’t have envisioned the glory that emerged as I sought to capture images from the various Dwelling Place gardens: Reflections, Ferguson, Verne Barry, and Herkimer. Discovering why residents use gardening to create a sense of home, was equally impactful.

Please enjoy the images, stories, and notes I captured on display in this exhibit, including the interview I had with one resident called The Search for Home. My hope is that as you explore these captured moments that you’ll imagine what home means to some of the residents at Dwelling Place, and further, that you will consider what home means for you.

– R.R. Tavárez

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Thank you!

We're thrilled to have been awarded "Best Venue" by Jury Selection at this year's ArtPrize. Thank you to our ArtPrize Volunteers, Hosts, Artists, and the community for stopping by MCC this ArtPrize!


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