Thank you!

We're thrilled to have been awarded "Best Venue" by Jury Selection at this year's ArtPrize. Thank you to our ArtPrize Volunteers, Hosts, Artists, and the community for stopping by MCC this ArtPrize!


Current Show: Mary Jane Pories

We’re delighted to welcome a new art show at MCC. From October 9 to December 2, come see work by Mary Jane Pories.

Mary Jane is “an improviser who writes, paints, and performs. And an entrepreneur who teaches others how to integrate improvisation into their creative practice.” On why she creates, Mary Jane writes: “I try to answer my own questions and explore the mystery behind what people don’t say or don’t do, the feelings evoked by glimpsing an object, experience, or emotion.

If an image, a comment, or event sticks with me, rather than try to represent it realistically, I write a story, play with an image, or act it out onstage. It's the moments I can't forget that plague me the most and I struggle, sometimes for years, to uncover the meaning inherent in the memory.”

Learn more about Mary Jane Pories


MCC Celebrates The Arts

Since Monroe Community Church first configured its warehouse to display artwork in 2009, it has not been without some sort of creative exhibit. MCC values creativity and expression, which is one way that people bear God’s image as mini-creators. We love to feature the work of artists, from professional to children, not in a gallery, but surrounding our congregation as part of the worship experience. This emphasis helps us reinforce our mission to “connect our downtown community to our life-changing God.”


ArtPrize Links

ArtPrize 2022

We are so excited to have had artists from ArtPrize join us here at MCC during our Meet the (a)Artist ArtPrize Sermon Series. Click below to learn about some of these entries.