MCC Celebrates The Arts

Since Monroe Community Church first configured its warehouse to display artwork in 2009, it has not been without some sort of creative exhibit. MCC values creativity and expression, which is one way that people bear God’s image as mini-creators. We love to feature the work of artists, from professional to children, not in a gallery, but surrounding our congregation as part of the worship experience. This emphasis helps us reinforce our mission to “connect our downtown community to our life-changing God.”


Current Show

MCC is pleased to host the work of Dave Sobotka now through April, 2023

He writes:

MCC hosted my entry in ArtPrize 2022, along with 20 other artists. The venue won the Best Venue - 2022, beating out high profile venues like The Gerald Ford Museum, The DeVos Conference Center and The BOB.

In 2023, MCC invited me to do a one-person show focusing on Lent and Passover.

Vigil will give a unique perspective on the events of Easter Week, drawing focus on the reasons why Christ had to die, as well as His transformational power in the lives of individuals and the Church. There will be 45 images that will cover The Fall, Holy Week and Easter Sunday.

Exodus will include 14 unique images that depict the redemption of Israel from the Egyptians.


ArtPrize Links

ArtPrize 2022

We are so excited to have had artists from ArtPrize join us here at MCC during our Meet the (a)Artist ArtPrize Sermon Series. Click below to learn about some of these entries from this past year.