Current Shows: Wietze Adema and Barbara Bjelland

Monroe Community Church is pleased to welcome works from artists Wietze Adema and Barbara Bjelland.

Wietze Adema has lived in the Netherlands, Canada, and the USA. Born in the Netherlands, his family immigrated to Canada where he became a naturalized Canadian citizen. After graduating from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he obtained US citizenship. In 1987 he received his MFA from Western Michigan University.

“My art is based on a need to express. I’m under no illusion to reveal ‘Truth’ other then to translate the truth of my observation and experience. The creative process and intuitive impulses that drive us are mysterious and unique for each artist. In my search for clarity, from the chaos around me, I usually turn to landscape or urbanscape as metaphor, using photos, sketches, or memory. My hope is to give a personal expression that is both powerful and revealing.”

Learn more about Wietze and his art.

Barbara Sartorius Bjelland is a lover of the arts, theology, books, and people. She has a b.a. (honors) in ancient history from the university of Minnesota, m.a in spiritual formation from Seattle Pacific Seminary, and a graduate diploma in Christian studies from Regent College (Vancouver, B.C.). She studied studio arts, art history and graphic design at Minneapolis college of art and design and Gustavus Adolphus college. Barbara has worked in ministry for decades, is an ordained pastor to word and sacrament, and a frequent guest speaker. She has a passion to share the many ways

The lord Jesus is revealed, especially in the Christian sacrament of communion.

Barbara is married and has two adult children.

Learn more about Barbara and her art.

Our Gallery is open Sunday Mornings 10 - 12 (We worship at 10:30 am), Thursdays from 8 am - 12 pm.

MCC Celebrates The Arts

Since Monroe Community Church first configured its warehouse to display artwork in 2009, it has not been without some sort of creative exhibit. MCC values creativity and expression, which is one way that people bear God’s image as mini-creators. We love to feature the work of artists, from professional to children, not in a gallery, but surrounding our congregation as part of the worship experience. This emphasis helps us reinforce our mission to “connect our downtown community to our life-changing God.”

MCC Loves ArtPrize

We are a venue for ArtPrize, the world’s largest art competition that occurs every September and October in downtown Grand Rapids.

We have now enjoyed two jury finalists, in 2015 and 2017, and we were one of 5 "Outstanding Venue" finalists in 2017. For the past 4 years, MCC has also been a riddle site for the ArtPrize edition of the Grand Rapids Urban Adventure Race. Each year for ArtPrize, MCC conducts a 4-week worship series entitled “Meet the (a)Artist”, where the worship themes are derived from 4 of the venue's ArtPrize entries. A creative team curates the worship service elements: music, scripture, and sometimes multi-sensory activities to support the artist and the theme of their work. As part of the sermon, our pastor discusses the artwork with each artist and then unpacks a biblical response to the themes in each piece of artwork.

Our ArtPrize venue site has updated details, events, times, and dates about each year’s ArtPrize exhibition.

See Our ArtPrize Venue Page


ArtPrize Links

ArtPrize 2021

We are so excited to have artists from ArtPrize join us here at MCC during our Meet the (a)Artist ArtPrize Sermon Series. Click below to learn about some of these entries.