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Something New is Coming to MCC!

We are glad to announce that MCC is launching a new ministry this September: Care Team.  At MCC we deeply desire that people find authentic, soul nourishing relationships. We are also committed to helping people find the support and care they need in times of crisis and loss. Our goal is to be a community that reflects the love of Jesus Christ.

What is a Care Team?

A Care Team is a group of eight people divided into four pairs who have committed to connecting with, caring for, and praying over our community. This is an expanded level of care to help us connect and care more deeply as a community.

How does it work?

Each pair of Care Team members has been assigned to a portion of the MCC Community. Their goal is to connect with each household by phone, text, or email every three months. They will ask how you are doing and how they can pray for you. Care Team members have been trained to be trusted listeners and faithful prayer partners for you. They will also help connect you to additional resources when circumstances require it. 

Who’s on the team?

Our Care Team members are Skip VanTuinen, Christine Suchecki, Lisa Bulton, Will Childs, Danielle DeGroot, Lisa VanDyken,  Rachel Hollier and Caleb Hollier. If you’d like to know whose Care Group you are in, please contact Pastor Katherine ([email protected]) or Pastor Jim ([email protected]).