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Community Growth Groups

Jesus himself says that he is the vine and we are the branches. Remaining in him is integral to our spiritual formation. But to abide or remain in Jesus is not just “accepting Jesus into our hearts”, as the Sunday school language goes, but following the practical teachings and behaviors that Jesus called his followers into.

Church is more than a gathering on a Sunday. Church is not only a crowd gathered around a stage, but a community sharing life around a table. Monroe Community Growth Groups are a way that we can practice the way of Jesus, together, in Grand Rapids.

As followers of Jesus, we make it our aim to be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and do what Jesus did. Through gathering, teaching, community, and the Holy Spirit, we are learning what it means to be a disciple, or apprentice, of Jesus.

Rhythms Together
As the family of God, we want to make it a focus to establish a life rhythm to eat together, pray together, and share life together. It is in this ordinary rhythm of life in community that we become transformed to look like Jesus.

In Grand Rapids
As missionaries to our city, we proclaim the good news of Jesus and do justice in our city. As we live and work in the city and share life in the same neighborhood, we partner with God to see the Kingdom of God come in Grand Rapids as it is in heaven.

Starting this week you will be able to sign up to join a MCC Growth Group. Signup will stay open through the end of September and Growth Groups will begin to meet in October. Interested? Please sign up here –