Crucial Conversations – Trauma, Art, and Healing – Sept. 21

“Crucial Conversations: Trauma, Art, and Healing”

Monroe Community Church typically hosts a series of round table discussions each month during the summer we call “Crucial Conversations”, and these have largely had to do with important topics of the day and Christian spirituality. We have discussed topics such as Racism, Human Sexuality, Affordable Housing, Mental Illness, Disability, and Civility in Political Discourse.

A few of our ArtPrize pieces this year deal with surviving, recovering, and healing after sexual trauma. Additionally, we have a few artists who have used art to mentor students or incarcerated women who have been victims of sexual trauma. Monroe Community Church will be hosting a sensitive discussion regarding the stories of three artists, their ArtPrize entries, the advocacy and mentoring that some now practice, and how art can play an important role in recovery and healing.

Participating artists include Lucy Van Regenmorter, Linda Litteral, and Marti Liddle-Lameti.

Wednesday, September 21, 7:00 pm.