Series Overview:

Since the very first ArtPrize in 2009, Monroe Community Church has created worship experiences rooted in the felt needs, human conditions, pathos, and joy found in the art that we host. If we believe that humans are created in the image of God, then each of us testifies to the Creator by creating. Each Sunday morning during ArtPrize, our pastor and worship leader will interview the artist, who may or may not be a person of faith, unpack the motivations and meaning behind their ArtPrize entry, and then look to scripture and song for what the Bible and a rich musical tradition may say about similar themes. 

Service Information:

Sept. 10• Artist: Willie Baronet “We are all Homeless”

Sept. 17• Artist: Regina Jupp “Philippians 2:1-18”

Sept. 24 • Artist: Robin Jensen “Seven Days, 7 Portals”

Oct. 1• Artist: Marie Wohadlo “Peep Show”