Practicing the Way of Jesus – Community

Monroe Community ChurchEngage, Practicing the Way of Jesus

Pastor Anthony noted that, unlike Jesus, we affiliate with people who share our values but avoid fellow believers with different values. Does that describe your pattern of association? What would help you follow Anthony’s suggestion to deliberately seek out and listen to a believer with whom you don’t see eye to eye?

In Acts 19, the church flourished after believers overcame their fear of judgement and revealed their involvement in shameful practices. How does shame interfere with your involvement in community? How could you be more open and vulnerable?

Pastor Anthony stated that the world yearns to be in a community that gives and receives love. How could you help such community happen in the church?

What did you think of the idea of being a “third bowl” community—not deep and narrow or broad and shallow, but broad and deep? To what degree are you committed to foster such community by welcoming society’s outcasts?