Reflections: Prayer

Pastor Susan contrasted our tendency to view prayer as a way to get what we want with God’s desire that prayer deepen our relationship with him. How do each of these motivations show up in your prayers? How could you put more emphasis on the relational aspect of prayer?

What did you think of Pastor Susan’s view of prayer as exchanging our desires and wants for God’s? What gets in the way of doing this? When are you successful?

What did you think of the idea that the Lord’s Prayer is designed to help us grow in trust? Below are the areas of trust Pastor Susan associated with each petition of the prayer. Reflect on each one. In which area of trust have you grown? In which do you struggle?

Trust in God’s perfect fatherly nature.
Trust in God’s glory.
Trust in God’s sovereign power.
Trust in God to provide.
Trust in God’s forgiveness.
Trust in God’s saving protection.