Small Group Meeting Guide

A General Plan:

Eat together: 30 Minutes
Open in prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to guide the conversation: 5 minutes
Discuss the book/topic for the week: 45 minutes
A simple format:

  • What actions were you nudged to take in response to this week’s reading?

  • What challenged you from the reading this week? How did you respond to the challenge?

  • In one sentence, what “word from the Lord” do you take away from our time together?

End in Prayer, praying for and with each other: 5-10 Minutes
Help host clean up everything (if in a home)
End on time. 

Remember Each Week To:

  • Establish a safe space for conversation. Conversations should remain confidential to the group, unless something insinuates danger to themselves or others. In the case of any danger or harm, report to pastors immediately.

  • Respect others’ points of view.

  • Contribute to conversations and listen to others. Err on the side of listening.

  • Honor the time frame of the meeting (Begin and end on time).