MCC Small Group FAQ

Why do we do small groups at MCC?

Thanks for asking because that is a great question. There are two main reasons for small groups here at MCC. The first is that we believe a church is not a church until it is a community. Small Groups help web us together in life-giving relationships with one another. Our mission at MCC is to Love God, Love People, Love the City. Small groups help us get to know and learn to love one another. But there is more: Small Groups also provide a teaching element. Each season we spend time in our groups studying a particular book or working through a curriculum relevant to our ministry here at MCC. Hopefully your small group experience with help challenge and grow your faith.

Where and when do small groups meet?

Different groups will meet at different times and at different places. This is because each group is a little unique and finding a time that works for your group is what matters. When small groups form here at MCC the first challenge is to find that meeting time and plan the meeting schedule.

How often do small groups meet?

Again, this will vary from group to group. We have some groups meeting weekly at MCC. We have other groups that meet every other week. We do recommend that our small groups meet at least every other week. When a group meets only once a month, and you miss a meeting, it is quite a long time before you will see one another again.

How long are small groups together?

Again, this will vary from group to group. We ask that each group stay together to finish each book study or curriculum together at a minimum. But we suspect that for many of us, such a season together will feel like the group is only getting started. We think it is wise to check in as a group after each study to discuss how the everyone is doing and if they want to stick together for the next study season.

Do small groups take breaks?

Yep, they do. Some groups will find scheduling during the summer a big challenge. Holidays also have a way of impacting the groups meeting schedule. Please be flexible and take time to discuss the schedule with your fellow small group members.

Are children welcome at small groups meetings?

Sure, but that should be agreed upon by the group. We have some small groups that have agreed to get sitters when they meet. We have others who desire to meet with their children present.

How do I find a small group at MCC?

First of all, if you are already in a small group, please consider inviting someone new into your group, with the groups permission of course. Small Groups tend to expand and contract over time, if your group has fewer numbers and someone is missing, the group can feel a bit derailed. Adding new people can help. Second, if you are looking for a small group, please reach out to Pastor Jim ([email protected]). Pastor Jim will help connect you to a group.