Reflections: Ascension Sunday

Monroe Community ChurchEaster, Engage

How do you see the Ascension as a necessary next step in the work of Christ? Charles Spurgeon said “you cannot fall off the boat of salvation, but you can fall on the boat.” Does … Read More

Reflections: Parable of the Two Houses

Monroe Community ChurchEaster, Engage

Pastor Jim suggested that God is speaking to us now, but we have trouble hearing him among all the other voices that surround us. For you, what interferes with hearing? What practices would help you … Read More

Reflections: Prayer

Monroe Community ChurchEaster, Engage

Pastor Susan contrasted our tendency to view prayer as a way to get what we want with God’s desire that prayer deepen our relationship with him. How do each of these motivations show up in … Read More

Parable of the Talents: Reflections

Monroe Community ChurchEaster, Engage

Pastor Jim described the servant who buried his talent as having “phony humility,” using the sovereignty of God as a “clever and soulless dodge.” Did you see any of yourself in the examples Jim gave … Read More

New City Kids: Reflections

Monroe Community ChurchEaster, Engage

Pastor Trevor portrayed several trajectories our spiritual journeys can take. How would you graph your spiritual trajectory? What’s your reaction to Trevor’s statement that those on any of these paths are in the perfect position … Read More

Easter: Reflections

Monroe Community ChurchEaster

Referring to Christ’s resurrection, Pastor Jim noted, “What the church asks people to believe is astonishing.” If you have doubts, how do you deal with them? Are you a person with whom others can be … Read More